3 Amazing Weekly Spreads for Bullet Journal

Let’s spicy up your bullet journal with these 3 beautiful weekly spreads for school, daily life, and work. Each weekly spread features colorful and creative spreads that you can easily recreate on your planner.

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This blog post is sponsored by Fatoumata kagnassy. All the images and comments regarding the notebook are my own. This page contains affiliate links to products I use, love, and highly recommend. I receive a small commission for purchases made through links in the blog post.

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Fatoumata kagnassy’s Notebook

For this blog post, I partnered with Fatoumata kagnassy. An amazing publisher who recently launched her first bullet journal notebook on Amazon. The notebook has a beautiful black and white cover with the words “Live Love Laugh”.  You may also follow her Facebook page for product updates!

My goal is to show you how to create 3 amazing weekly spreads for your bullet journal using one notebook. Let me know in the comment section which spread was your favorite!

bullet journal notebook - Live Love Laugh 1
Check out Fatoumata kagnassy’s Notebook on Amazon
bullet journal notebook - Live Love Laugh 2
Check out Fatoumata kagnassy’s Notebook on Amazon

Bullet Journal Cover Page

Let’s start with a cover page for the month of August! The left side of the notebook is reserved for “One Line a Day”. Every day I will write down a quote that I love or something I am grateful for.

The page on the right is my cover page for the month of August. I hand drew the flowers with my Tombow color pencils. The word “August” was printed using my Poooli print printer. You may notice I cut small rectangles in the bottom-right of the page. This is the best way to jump between my weekly spreads.

August cover page for bullet journal

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for School

Jumping to week one, I created a dutch door in the middle of the page. This door will be used for quick reminders and as a grocery shopping list. On the right side of the page, I printed a small calendar and highlighted the week I am currently working on.

Underneath the calendar, I drew a study tracker that starts at 8 am and increases every  3 hours until 11 pm. Make sure to zoom in on the images to see all the details on the page.

weekly spread bullet journal 2

When you open the dutch door, you will see a study plan on the right side of the page. I start the week on Monday and put the weekend at the bottom. The classes are color-coded: Genetics = purple, Medical Botany = orange, Physic + physics lab = dark green, and Statistics = red

I used the same technique to take my notes during class. My brain retains more information when I can easily remember the colors of the titles, definitions, and images. I highly recommend the Pilot G2 pens. Make sure to let the ink dry before closing the notebook.

weekly spread bullet journal 1

When I close the dutch door and flip it to the side, I can easily write down ideas and goals for my blog. I try to focus on 3 assignments, this allows me to focus on specific goals for that week.

I put pressure on the color pencil to create the thick outlines on the moon and stars. I used the same color pencil with less pressure to add a little bit of color to the shapes.

weekly spread bullet journal 3

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for Daily Life

I had so much fun creating the spread you see below. The wings of the butterflies give the page a chic and romantic look. I used the Tombow Brush Pen to trace over the butterflies and to write down the numbers in pink. Using my favorite black pen I wrote down the quote in the top right and the word numbers.

I love collecting quotes and writing them in my bullet journal. The quote I chose for this spread says

“Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habit. Talk about your joys” – Rita Schiano

weekly spread bullet journal 5

At the bottom right of the page, I used the butterfly wings to write down my meal plan for the week and to keep track of my water intake. I love the way the weekly tabs look at the bottom right of the page.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread for work

Last but not least, if you need a weekly spread for work, daily life, and school check the one I created below. On the right side of the page, I started the week on Monday and used bullet points to keep track of the tasks I need to complete. Notice how I used color-coded names for my school assignments, just like in the previous spread. This is a great way to have your to-do list in one place.

For the spread on the right, I divided the page into 4 squares. Each square represents a task that needs to be completed but that is not urgent.

weekly spread bullet journal 4

I hope these weekly spreads for bullet journal were interesting and helpful! Don’t forget to check out Fatoumata kagnassy notebook on Amazon. She is planning to release other amazing products in the future.

My comment section is always open, let me know what other spreads or tutorials you would like to see in the blog,

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