How to Use Poooliprint Pocket Printer on your Bullet Journal

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Check out these five easy ways to learn how to create bullet journal layouts using the Poooliprint pocket printer (Poooli Printer).

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This blog post is sponsored by Poooliprint™. All the images and comments regarding the printer are my own. This page contains affiliate links to products I use, love, and highly recommend. I receive a small commission for purchases made through links in this blog post.

Get ready to spice up your planner! In today’s blog post I explain how to use fonts, stickers, and images to create unique and creative layouts on your bullet journal. All the layouts were created by me and I enjoyed coming up with different ideas to test the printer. If you enjoy watching the video and re-creating the layouts from this blog post, let me know by leaving a comment ♡

Poooliprint™ pocket printer uses thermal technology to print on an environment-friendly paper that doesn’t require ink. Yup! You read that right, this printer never runs out of ink.

The paper for this printer is BPA-free, water-resistant, oilproof, and scratch-free! The website offers a variety of papers from sticker paper to colorful paper. In this blog post, I cover how to use the printer and how to use the different types of paper.

How to Use Poooliprint Pocket Printer – Video

In the video, I explain how I created all the spreads on this blog post. The video is broken down into 5 tutorials just like in the blog post that explains how to print fonts, how to print images, and how to use the sticker paper.

How to Use fonts with a pocket printer

Before I start creating my spreads, I search on Google and Instagram for layout ideas. I then draw a quick sketch on the pages of the planner and start bringing the design to life.

How to Poooliprint Pocket Printer Bullet Journal Spread

For this spread, I used Microsoft Word on my computer and 2 of my favorite fonts. In the video above I explain how to use Microsoft word and how to send the images to your phone. Just in case you want to read the instructions, here is how to use fonts with your pocket printer:

1. Open Microsoft Word > in the toolbar, select “insert” > select the “draw text box” option. In the white canvas draw a rectangle > in the “shape format” tab select “No outline” (see image below for reference).

2. Inside the textbox type a word > in the toolbar go to the “home” tab > change the font and the size of the text.

how to bullet journal fonts, how to bullet journal titles, how to Microsoft Word

3. Once you are happy with the way the fonts look, let’s send them to your phone. Hold the keys “command + shift + 4” and draw a rectangle around the font to take a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved on your desktop. 

4. Select the screenshots, right-click on your mouse > share > AirDrop. Make sure your iPhone is unlocked to be able to receive the images.

5. Go to your phone’s photos folder, in the bottom left, select the arrow pointing upwards > choose the Poooliprint app > select the “post” option > print the font image!

The app has an Android and Apple version which is great because some apps are only available for one specific phone.

The quality of the ink is amazing and I love how the ink does not smudge all over the paper after I touch it or write on it. The paper is not like regular printer paper, it has a glossy texture which is great if you want to use sharpies or Tombow brush pens.

How to Poooliprint, pocket printer, bullet journal fonts, bullet journal titles
bullet journal spread, bulllet journal calendar, bullet journal quotes, June bullet journal

How to create a memories collage with a pocket printer

I printed a couple of my favorite images and glue them on the left side of the page. You can print the images on sticker paper or regular paper. I used Tombow Twintone markers to add a little bit of color around the images.

favorite memories bullet journal, bullet journal spread, pocket printer

To print the text: Open the Poooliprint™ app, choose the “print notes” >  Horizontal > type a text. In the bottom toolbar, select the text option > change the font and the size of the text > print.

To print the images: save several images on your phone > open the Poooliprint™ app > select the image you are going to print.

how to pocket printer, how to print images, how to bullet journal

How to create a mood tracker with a pocket printer

The page on the right is a collection of black and white butterflies, dragonflies, and flowers. I searched for the images on Google, saved them on my phone, and printed them using the Poooliprint™ app.

how to mood tracker, bullet journal mood tracker, mood tracker spread

To print the images: save several images on your phone > open the Poooliprint™ app > select the image you are going to print.

how to print images bullet journal, how to mood tracker bullet journal mood tracker

I printed the butterflies in regular paper, cut them with scissors, and glue them to the page. In the Poooliprint™ website you can choose sticker paper or regular paper.  Next time I will stock up on sticker paper as it helps cut down the time it takes me to glue each image.

bullet journal stickers, bullet journal print, how to bullet journal
bullet journal mood tracker, bullet journal memories, bullet journal stickers, how to bullet journal

For the mood tracker on the right, each image represents a day of the month. I start numbering the butterflies from top-right and slowly number the rest of the images. There is an empty space on the middle-right of the page, I wrote down the colors that I’m going to use to keep track of my moods.

I noticed that you can only use markers to draw or color on the images. Which is great as the color from the marker does not transfer or bleed through the page. Color pencils or regular pens do not work on the printer paper.

bullet journal memories, bullet journal mood tracker, bullet journal stickers, bullet journal spreads

How to use stickers in a pocket printer

The Poooliprint™ app offers several templates that I used to create my “When did I last…” list. The templates that I used can be found in the Poooliprint™ app under “notes” and “make list”.

bullet journal list, bullet journal quotes, bullet journal when did i last, bullet journal spread
bullet journal lists, bullet journal notes, bullet journal stickers1
bullet journal lists, bullet journal notes, bullet journal stickers

How to create tabs with a pocket printer

To create tabs, select the “print notes” option > select vertical direction > type the names of the months. It took me a couple of tries to get the perfect size for the tabs. Print the text in regular paper or printer paper.

In the video above, I used printer paper as I wanted to fold the months when the new one began. Out of all the spreads I created, masking the tabs was the hardest challenge but I enjoy thinking outside the box when I decorate my bullet journal.

bullet journal tabs, bullet journal stickers, bullet journal notes
bullet journal tabs, bullet journal stickers, bullet journal notes3

I created the layouts over a course of 3 days to learn how to use all the features the printer has to offer. I love that I can easily take screenshots of any font on my computer and print them with Poooliprint™. I wish the app offered grids on the app to have a better idea of how big or small the text is going to be. I love the update the phone app recently had and how easy it is to pair the printer with my phone. I will definitely keep using the printer to add images and fonts to my layouts.

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