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I finally finished my first bullet journal, yay! I started it last year and little-by-little I gathered ideas and created my own layouts. I love watching a lot of Netflix shows, Hispanic soap operas, and series. I loved the layout I had in my old bullet journal, I created a similar version of it in my new journal.

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Bullet Journal currently watching layout setup bujo01

When I started the design, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a circle layout or just the word, “Currently Watching.” I decided to keep the circle but instead of writing the word watching, I drew the emoji eyes.

Bullet Journal currently watching layout setup bujo02

I wanted to create a shadow around the drawing. I used a purple color pencil to make the word stand out more. Around the roses/flowers, I added a little bit of green to give it a soft and gentle effect.

If you are wondering, I used: Pilot FriXion PensPilot Frixion Colors Erasable Marker, and Pilot B2P – Bottle to Pen

Bullet Journal currently watching layout setup bujo03

I can’t wait to create more awesome designs on my new journal. I going to try different layouts to see which ones I like more.


Do you have a to watch list on your bullet journal? I’d love to see it! Leave it in the comment section.

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