Bullet Journal: My First Bullet Journal Page Layouts

First Attempts for My Bullet Journal Layout:

These are the first attempts that I made in my bullet journal, back in 2016. I love the layout on each page. I’m constantly practicing and improving my drawing skills. Click here to check out an updated version of my bullet journal.

The front page of my bullet journal:

Best Bullet Journal layouts0 (1)

The next page has a powerful quote about life and choices. Every time I feel discouraged, I re-read it to remind myself why I’m studying medicine and where I want to be in the future.

Best Bullet Journal layouts0

Best Bullet Journal layouts1


This monthly layout is my favorite for school. It allows me to color code my classes and my personal reminders. Dark green are my science classes, light green are the science labs, and pink are my history classes.

Best Bullet Journal layouts2

I got this idea from Pinterest. So far I have been able to accomplish “this year’s goals.”

Best Bullet Journal layouts3

Best Bullet Journal layouts4

Every week, I write a quote base on my mood or current situation, on the top of my weekly to do. I also write the same quote in this section of my journal. At the end of the year, I want to re-read them to know how I felt throughout the year.

Best Bullet Journal layouts5

If you are wondering, I used Pilot FriXion Pens and Pilot Frixion Erasable Colored Pencil.

Best Bullet Journal layouts6

Best Bullet Journal layouts7


Best Bullet Journal layouts8

This one is my weekly to do’s. On the top right is where I write a quote.
Best Bullet Journal layouts9

If you enjoy watching bullet journal videos on youtube. Here is a quick video of my first bullet journal Layout:

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