Bullet Journal: Three Monthly August Memories Layout


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I have been trying different layouts for my month memories. I wanted them to be colorful, simple, and girly. If you are new to bullet journaling, my best advice is to just try it! Draw anything that comes to your mind, don’t be afraid to make any mistakes. ūüôā

If you are a perfectionist or hate the way whiteout look on paper, I suggest you use erasable pens, color pencils, and markers. For the drawings on this page, I used Pilot FriXion Pens, Pilot Frixion Erasable Colored Pencil, and Pilot B2P РBottle to Pen. 

While I was listening to my teacher’s online lecture about the history of genetics, I drew these monthly memories layouts.

Bullet Journal | Three Monthly August Memories Layout

Layout #1:

This is how the front page of my monthly layout looks like. I like to put the memories title on the top, the month in the middle, and the year below the month.

Through the month, I like to draw or doodle great things that happen to me during the month.

bullet journal august layout memories01

bullet journal august layout memories00

After I drew the second layout, I decided to add some color to the purple leaves. If I had to re-draw this, I would write the word August smaller to have more room to doodle.

bullet journal august layout memories04

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Layout #2:

This is my favorite layout! I still put the title on the top of the page, the month’s word in the middle (this time thinner and smaller than the previous drawing), and the year below the month.

I wanted the black color to stand out, I added a gray shadow to the word. I also added beautiful and delicate pink butterflies.

bullet journal august layout memories02

After I took the previous picture, I wanted to see if I could make the butterflies stand out along with the word August. I also added a couple of pink flowers in the background to give the drawing a cute touch.

bullet journal august layout memories03

Layout # 3:

The idea for this layout was to keep it simple. I added a gray shadow to the August word.

bullet journal august layout memories06

I might have added a thin frame to the page, but I didn’t want to ruin it or over do it, so I kept the way I originally drew it.

bullet journal august layout memories05

Let your imagination fly and draw whatever comes to your mind. That’s the secret to creating beautiful bullet journal pages. <3

This is how my first August memory layout looks like: Click here if you would like to see how I set up my monthly layout/setup on my bullet journal.

bullet journal august layout setup00

If you are wondering, I used Pilot FriXion Pens, Pilot Frixion Erasable Colored Pencil, Paper Mate Flair, and Pilot B2P РBottle to Pen

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