Circle Habit Tracker Printable – Bullet Journal Circle Tracker

Keep track of your daily habits with this FREE circle habit tracker printable in PDF format! The printable is perfect for your bullet journal as the week starts on Sunday and Monday. 

Circle habit tracker, habit tracker bujo

The idea behind this circle habit tracker is for you to track anything! From chronic pain, daily to-dos, to your menstrual cycle. The tracker comes with 30 and 31 rectangles inside the circle. Keep scrolling down in the blog post as I explain the tracker in more detail.

To download the printables, scroll down in the blog post and click the link underneath the preview image.

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Circle Habit Tracker Printable – PDF:

This printable resembles the peace I feel when I see nature outside my office window. The flowers and leaves are flying around the page as the wind blows through them. For this circle tracker, I recommend two types of color pencils the Pilot erasable color pencils and the Tombow color pencils. I prefer to outline the boxes and then add color to the boxes as the blending of the colors looks beautiful at the end of the month.

At the bottom left of the paper, there is a “key section” where you can assign specific colors to your moods, menstrual cycle, or chronic pain. At the bottom right of the page, there is a blank calendar where you can quickly write down dates for the week. I usually highlight the weeks with a pastel color to remember which week the circle tracker belongs to.

I’m also including an extra page weekly spread page to help you stay on top of your tracker. The first two boxes are for notes and reminders and the bottom boxes are weekly to-dos. The template has two printables that look the same, one has 31 days and the other one has 30 days. 

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Circle habit tracker, habit tracker bujo
Click here to download this circle tracker.

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