30 Bullet Journal Dutch Door Ideas

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Spicy up your planner with these bullet journal dutch door ideas! The blog post is organized by cover pages, monthly spreads, weekly spreads, and habit trackers. 

Dutch door bullet journal - pin2

Tired of drawing the same boring spreads? From cover pages to weekly spreads, this collection of bullet journal dutch door ideas is perfect to get out of the same routine. Underneath each image, I included the Instagram profile of each artist.

Use the table of contents below to jump to specific parts of the blog post.

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30 Creative Bullet Journal Dutch Door Spreads

What is a dutch door?

A dutch door is a page cut in half to reveal the page behind it. There is no specific way to cut the page. Your creativity is the limit. See the images below as examples.

butterfly cover page bujo 4
Photo by paycharte

The image below is my favorite way to use a dutch door! Use the pages in the middle as weekly spreads and leave the main pages to track daily habits and goals. I recommend using an extra-large planner as it gives you plenty of space to plan.

As you can see in the image below, a dutch door can be half the page. In the image below, the dutch door acts as a weekly spread. Each week can be neatly documented without having to draw the same background several times.

How to create a dutch door?

Draw an image on the planner. Carefully use the scissors to cut parts of the image. Check out the images below. The waves of the ocean were created by cutting the page in a zigzag pattern.

The image below is another example of different ways you can cut each weekly spread to match the theme of your bullet journal. There is no right or wrong way to cut the pages, your creativity is the limit.

cover page bullet journal 1
Photo by lovelyheys

Example of Dutch Door Spreads

Need some inspiration to create your own dutch door spreads? Check out the images below. Above the image, I explain how you can recreate a similar effect on your planner and what products I recommend using.

Please check out the link underneath the images as they will take you to that artist’s Instagram profile.

The image below is from a tutorial I created to learn how to create bullet journal stencils in Microsoft Word. The dutch door is very simple. I added a pink border to give the page a 2D effect.

To recreate the spread below, I recommend the Tombow brush pens. They come in a wide variety of colors. Mix the dark and light purple shades to create a beautiful contrast on the page.

Purple weekly spread with butterflies and flowers
Photo by lovelyheys

Did you know you can use a pocket printer to print any image? Yup! I use my pocket printer to print any image and use a glue stick to keep the image in place. Use the code BRILLIANT-15 to get 15% OFF your order.

If drawing is not your forte, try creating a bullet journal layout in Microsoft Word. Open Word on your computer, add any font or image you like. Print the spread and use a pen to trace over the design.

I created a detailed tutorial that explains step-by-step how to use fonts and shapes to create a beautiful bullet journal spread in Word.

habit tracker bullet journal 2
Photo by feebujo
weekly spread bullet journal 9
Photo by feebujo

Stickers are another creative way to add color to your bujo spreads. I love how planwithandy uses stickers to add a feminine and colorful style to her planner layouts.

habit tracker bullet journal 3
Photo by planwithady
bullet journal dutch door spread ideas
Photo by clauphemism

In the image below, I use the page in the middle to keep track of my daily reminders. When I open the middle page I get a quick glance at my study plan. Check out the blog post I created using the planner below.

weekly spread with green pastel colors
Photo by thuys.bujo

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The weekly spread below is simple and creative. If you look closely, the dutch door is separated by weeks. The pages were cut horizontally in the middle and black stickers were used to label each week.

Why complicate it when you can keep it simple. Use a thick marker or brush pen to draw the bold headers in the weekly spread. Use a white pen to write down the days of the week.

For the spread below, I suggest using colored pencils. I personally prefer erasable pencils as you can quickly delete mistakes. Use a brush pen to create depth in the image by layering the colors.

Which bullet journal dutch door was your favorite? Let me know in the comment section. Check out some of my other popular blog posts.

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