FREE Digital Planner Template for GoodNotes

Make your own digital planner with this free template! GoodNotes is a great note-taking app that lets you create and manage your to-do list, calendar, and photos all in one place. This template includes all the necessary instructions to get started.

Digital planner on top of an iPad pro mockup. The top of the image has pink flowers on the left and a computer keyboard.

Having a digital planner is essential for anyone with a hectic lifestyle—whether you are a college student, a busy mom, or someone else who needs to keep track of their daily activities. A digital planner offers numerous advantages over traditional paper planners.

New to digital planning? Check out my digital planner tutorials!

The blog post is broken down into sections that explain everything you need to know about digital planning. If you are new, please take a moment to read each section as it will help you understand how to use the planner.

What is a digital planner?

In a separate blog post, I explain in detail what is a digital planner but think of your bullet journal inside an iPad/ tablet. On the digital planner, you can type text, draw spreads, fill out your calendar, write down your notes, keep track of your to-do list, or doodle your thoughts.

The best part of a digital planner is having the ability to click on hyperlinks (clickable tabs) to navigate the planner. I have a blog post that goes into more detail, please click on the image below to read it.

Why do I need a digital planner?

Digital planners are the perfect solution for people who have a lot of responsibilities and need to stay organized. With a digital planner, you can easily customize your layout and design, making it easier to keep track of tasks and deadlines. Plus, with all the different fonts, colors, and layouts available, you can make your planner unique to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Additionally, a digital planner is much more cost-effective compared to paper planners because you don’t need to buy replacements when it’s filled up; you just delete old entries or add new ones as needed. Furthermore, since a digital planner is stored on your device, you always have access to it anywhere in the world since you can access it from any device with an internet connection.

Digital planners also make collaboration easier; if you’re working with someone else on a project or if you’re coordinating something for a group of people, then everyone involved can access one central planner that contains all the necessary information. Overall, digital planners are an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to stay organized and productive in their daily life.

What is the difference between a free template and a paid template?

Oh, a world of a difference! A free template gives you a glimpse of what you can do with a digital planner. With a free template to draw trackers, type your college notes, and organize reminders. It gives you an opportunity to play around with the GoodNotes app. A free template is a PDF file where you can add images, type text, and write down notes. You cannot edit the planner any way you want, which is a bummer for any bullet journal lover who wants to customize every single little detail.

A paid template gives you the freedom to edit EVERYTHING! The spreads, the text, the tabs, the fonts, the cover page, the pages, and more. A keynote template allows you to create your dream planner with a couple of clicks. Please watch the video below, it explains everything I can do on a Keynote template.

How to download the planner?

To use this planner you will need an iPad, an apple pencil (or any stylus), and the GoodNotes app (you can also use the apps Notability and Noteshelf). Android and Windows users try the apps Noteshelf, EzPDF, Metamoji, and Xodo.

  1. Click the download button and save the ZIP file on your iPad. Click on the ZIP file to reveal its contents.
  2. Open the GoodNotes app and select the “+” sign
  3. Find the digital planner in the cloud folder and click on it.
  4. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to decorate your digital planner! It explains how to click on the hyperlinks and how to create spreads using clip art images, printables, and fonts.

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FREE digital planner template for GoodNotes

This free digital planner is in a PDF format which means it can only be used on the Goodnotes, Notability, or Noteshelf app. Windows and Android users try the apps Xodo, Noteshelf, and Metamoji. If you need help, please read the instructions above as it explains how to add the planner to the GoodNotes app.

This planner is for personal use only. Life is Messy and Brilliant©. Not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

Digital planner on top of an iPad pro mockup. The top of the image has pink flowers on the left and a computer keyboard.

How to use the planner?

There are infinite ways to use this planner, a couple of ideas that come to my mind are:

  • Daily planner – the pages of the planner are empty. Create a weekly spread, habit tracker, or grocery list to keep track of everything in your life.
  • Monthly planner – use a section of the planner for daily planning and another section to keep track of your monthly habits, birthdays, passwords, or monthly reminders. Check out this tutorial to learn how to draw a calendar.
  • Meal planning – on one side of the page insert an image of the meal you are working on. On the other side of the page write down the steps along with helpful tips.

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An iPad pro mockup is on top of a pink background. On the right side of the image the words "This is YOUR planner! Decorate and edit every page any way you like" appear.

Can I make my own digital planner?

Of course! You can make your own digital on a Mac computer or iPad. You may also create your own digital planner in the PowerPoint app (Windows and Android).

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