FREE GoodNotes Digital Planner Template – Digital Bullet Journal

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Let’s spicy up your iPad with this FREE Goodnotes digital planner template! This digital bullet journal template is in a PDF format that includes 54 hyperlinked pages to journal your heart out.

Digital planner on top of an iPad pro mockup. The top of the image has pink flowers on the left and a computer keyboard.

This free Goodnotes digital planner can also be used on Windows and Android by using the apps Xodo, Noteshelf, and Metamoji. The index includes 54 hyperlinked bullet points and hyperlinked tabs. When you click on the tabs and bullet points the planner takes you to a specific page.

The second page of the planner includes tutorials to learn how to add images, fonts, and printables to the planner.

New to digital planning? Check out my digital planner tutorials!

This planner is for personal use only. Life is Messy and Brilliant©. Not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

In my shop, I sell editable digital planners templates that you can personalize any way you like! Use the sample planner below to get an idea of how digital planning works and how to decorate the digital planner using the GoodNotes app.

You can also create your own digital planner in Keynote (MAC) and PowerPoint (Windows and Android).

How to use a digital PLanner:
  1. Save the digital planner on your favorite cloud folder, I suggest iCloud or Dropbox.
  2. Open the GoodNotes app, select the “+” sign > find the digital planner in the cloud folder and click on it.
  3. Follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to decorate your digital planner! Check out my collection of FREE digital planner stickers.

Other great planning apps for iPad: ZoomNotes and Noteshelf. Android and Windows users try the apps Noteshelf, EzPDF, Metamoji, and Xodo.

Digital planner on top of an iPad pro mockup. The top of the image has pink flowers on the left and a computer keyboard.
You may download this digital planner for GoodNotes here.

Love this free Goodnotes digital planner template? How about editing your very own planner? In my shop, I have a collection of digital planner templates that you can use in the apps GoodNotes, Notability, Xodo, and more. ♡

An iPad pro mockup is on top of a pink background. On the right side of the image the words "This is YOUR planner! Decorate and edit every page any way you like" appear.
Check out my collection of editable planners! Use code BRILLIANT20 to get 20% OFF your purchase.

If you want to learn about digital planners and bullet journaling join my Facebook group. Readers from all over the world share their bullet journal layouts and digital layouts. It’s amazing to see and learn from other people that share a common interest.

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  1. Hello! Does this work only with a new iPad that supports the Apple pencil? I have a somewhat older iPad with Notability and Goodnotes, and I use a bluetooth stylus. Thanks!!

  2. I have windows 10 and im new at the digital planning how do i get a free planner wanting to try one before i buy a good one and how do i get inserts and stickers for it

  3. Hi Rachel,

    You can use this FREE digital planner on your Windows computer using the app Xodo.
    1. Download the free planner and save it on your computer:
    2. Download the app Xodo on your computer.
    3. Add the digital planner to the Xodo app. Here is a list of tutorials for the Xodo app:
    4. Decorate your digital planner! Here is a tutorial of how to add stickers and printables to your planner:

    If you need more help, please let me know 🙂

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    The planner has blank pages. You can easily re-use it every year by updating the index to the current year and by adding a new calendar to the first pages of the planner.

    The digital planner is indented to be like a digital bullet journal with blank pages for you to decorate 🙂

    – Jenniffer

  5. Hi I am having problems getting the hyperlinks to work. When I click on Index at the bottom of a page it does not take me back to the beginning.