FREE Halloween Digital Planner Stickers

FREE Halloween Stickers to help you decorate your digital planner/digital bullet journal. Plus a step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to use the stickers in Goodnotes.

Halloween digital planner stickers, bullet journal stickers

In this blog post, I’m sharing my collection of FREE Halloween Digital Planner Stickers. The first part of the blog post explains how to edit or add color to the stickers using the apps Goodnotes and Procreate.

To download the sticker sheet, scroll down in the blog post until you see the preview image of the stickers. Underneath the image click the download button.

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Video Tutorials:

A. Procreate:

In the video below, I explain step-by-step how to decorate and edit these digital planner stickers in the Procreate app.

B. GoodNotes:

If Procreate is not your forte, no worries! Watch the video below to learn how to edit and use the stickers in the GoodNotes app. This is the planner I’m using in the video.

FREE Halloween Digital Planner Stickers

The sticker sheet will open in a OneDrive window, you might see a black rectangle but don’t worry, the sticker sheet is there is just that OneDrive has a black background. Save the stickers to your favorite cloud folder or iPad’s camera roll. Follow the video tutorials above to learn how to edit the stickers and take a look at this other tutorial: how to decorate a digital planner in the GoodNotes app.

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Halloween stickers for GoodNotes and iPad digital planner
Click here to download this sticker sheet.

Halloween Spread Examples:

The images below are examples of how you can use the stickers to create simple spreads. I used the highlighter tool in GoodNotes to add color to the digital stickers. I chose a darker color in the highlighter tool and outlined the stickers to give them a 2D effect. The video above explains how to achieve this.

Halloween spread digital bullet journal + digital planner
Halloween Stickers Spread digital bullet journal

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