FREE Letter A Hand Lettering Alphabet Practice Worksheets

Practice your hand lettering skills and fall in love with yourself with this cute Letter A hand lettering alphabet practice worksheet.

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I love creating hand-lettering printables that mix two different styles of fonts and motivate my readers to think positively about themselves. You can use these hand lettering printables on your iPad with the Procreate app or with your favorite brush pens. Keep reading to learn more!

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Hand Lettering Alphabet – Letter A (PDF):

This hand lettering alphabet letter A worksheet comes with 3 PDFs. Each PDF has a different meaning.

  • The first PDF has 8 positive words that start with the letter A. The idea behind the first worksheet is to remind my readers to think positively about themselves. When you practice your lettering, I want you to tell yourself: “I am [an] achiever, I am appreciated, I am admirable, and I am ambitious”.  Sometimes it’s easy to compare ourselves to other people and forget that each one of us has something special to offer to the world.
  • The second and third printables are common words that we use on a daily basis. I wanted the first page of the printable to be motivational and the other pages to be interesting and different from all hand lettering printables that you find online.

My favorite pens to use on these practice sheets are the Tombow TwinTone Markers and the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. You can highlight the words with the thin side of the brush and use the thicker side of the brush to fill in the letters. You can also trace the letters with the markers and fill in the words with patterns of dots and lines.

Life is Messy and Brilliant©. For personal use only. Not to be copied, distributed, altered, or sold.

Letter A hand lettering alphabet practice worksheets, hand lettering alphabet printable
Click here to download these printables.

Hand Lettering Alphabet – Letter A (Procreate):

You can use these printables in the Procreate app (if you are a windows user try the app Concepts). If you are new to hand lettering on the iPad, check out this blog post to learn how to add and use these worksheets in the Procreate app.

My favorite brush bundle to use for iPad lettering is the Procreate Mega Bundle. Other awesome places to find brushes for the Procreate app are the Creative Market, Design Bundles, and The Hungry JPEG.

iPad Lettering, hand lettering alphabet practice worksheets, hand lettering alphabet printable
Click here to download these printables.

Every week I add a new letter to my collection of hand lettering alphabet printables. Stay tuned! Join my Facebook group to share your planner layouts, ask questions, and learn about digital planning.

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