FREE May Digital Planner Stickers

May Digital Planner Stickers for the digital planner stickers GoodNotes, bullet journal stickers

In this blog post, I’m going to share the May digital planner stickers that I used on my digital planner layout and setup. You can use these stickers on your GoodNotes digital planner or you can follow the steps on this tutorial to print them in Microsoft Word to use them on your bullet journal.

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May Digital Planner Layout & Setup:

Here is a quick video where I talk about how I set up my planner. You can find the full blog post here with lovely pictures of my digital planner.


FREE May Planner Stickers:

If you are new to digital planning, check out my tutorials to help you get started with digital planning!

  • To use these stickers on your digital planner, follow the steps in this tutorial.
  • You use the stickers on your bullet journal by following the steps in this tutorial.

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May Digital Planner Stickers GoodNotes, bullet journal stickers
Click here to download these stickers.

My Collection of Stickers:

I hope you enjoy using my free designs and stickers, you can find a big collection of digital planner stickers in my shop!

digital planenr stickers, bullet journal stickers

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