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A beautiful weekly spread printable for your bullet journal! The tracker starts the week on Monday and Sunday. Print the weekly spread and use it on any page of your bujo. ♡ 

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Here is a cute minimalist weekly spread for your bullet journal or digital planner. This bullet journal weekly spread printable starts the week on Sunday and Monday. To download it scroll down and click on the link underneath the preview image.

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FREE Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Printable:

Some people like writing the word weekend in their planner and some other people like writing the words Saturday and Sunday. I made two versions of this printable, you can choose which printable fits your personal preferences. Click here to learn how to resize this printable to fit your planner.

If you want to use this printable on your digital planner, check out this tutorial. In the tutorial, I explain how to use printables to decorate a digital planner.

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Click here to download this printable.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these. I’m new to digital journalling. I apologise in advance for the comment volume you may receive today from me 😀