A Tour of My Girly Office Desk Decor


If you’re looking for some girly office decor ideas, then keep reading! In this post, we are taking a tour of my beautiful and girly office desk. I’m excited to show you all the details of my space and how you can recreate it in your own home.

Black and white office desk decor including a long rectangular monitor, black and pink accessories

Welcome to my office! This is my favorite place to spend my days off. Today we are going to explore my girly and feminine office desk decor. My boyfriend and I share our office. The left side of the office belongs to him. That’s where he keeps his work-from-home desk and his gaming area. The right side of the room belongs to me and includes my office desk and filming area.

Please use the table of contents below to jump to different parts of the office tour:

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My Girly Office Desk Decor – Video

While planning for this blog post I decided to film a “clean-with-me” video and an office tour at the same time. In the first part of the video, I organize and clean my office. The second part of the video is a tour of my desk, filming area, and drawers.

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My First Office Desk

Over the years my office style and taste have changed. When I was in high school, 10 – 15 years ago, I loved displaying all my pens on the top shelve of my desk. I would put everything on that shelve! Especially if it had a little bit of color. My desk looked so girly but I loved the way it look!

Looking at my first desk, I get nostalgic memories of my college and high school years. On that desk I studied for long periods of time, memorizing and learning science terms. On the top shelve, I used to put a long wood board. On one end there were books and on the other end my iPhone. I used that technique to film some of my first bullet journal videos for my Youtube channel.

My Girly Office Desk Decor

Now that I’m in my 30s, I prefer pastel and solid colors. I am currently into black-and-white aesthetics with a hint of pink. The image below is my current desk setup. The desk is from Amazon, it’s a standing desk which means it goes up and down when I press a button on the right side.

If you work from home or spend long hours on the computer, I highly suggest investing in a standing desk. It saves your back from random pain and helps you stretch through the day.

There is a rectangular monitor in the bottom-left of the image. Above the monitor there is a long black curtain and a board with pictures. On the middle of the image there is a white floating shelf with a fake pink plant, tissue paper, a white oil diffuser, and a gray Yeti microphone. Above the floating shelf there is a diploma.

I’m going to share different shots of my office decor, I hope the pictures give you an idea of how to decorate your office desk in a feminine and chic way. Please note that my boyfriend and I work very hard every day to afford everything in our apartment.

Office Desk Decoration Ideas

On the left side of my desk, you will always find my 14.9-inch iPad pro with the Apple pencil. When I started taking notes I had my first iPad air. That one didn’t have the Apple pencil which was a bummer as the iPad would recognize my wrist as doodles. I upgraded to the iPad Pro last year and I love it! I use it on my videos all the time. If you are planning to use the iPad for many years, I highly suggest investing in the storage, the one below has 256GB as I download pictures and documents offline.

On the left side of the image there is an Apple iPad pro 14.9 inch with a flowers wallpaper. On the left side there are black wireless headphones, a black mouse pad, and a white trackpad. Above the headphones there is a fake pink rose.

On the left side of my desk, I also keep my headphones. The ones in the picture are from Sony. When I edit videos on my computer, I cannot use my Airpods as the audio gets choppy or cut off. I connect the sony headphone to my computer to have a better audio experience.

If you watch my Youtube videos, you will recognize the pink flower. It was a gift from my mom. I use it to give a beautiful aesthetic background look to my videos.

On the left side of the image there is an iPad pro 14.9 inch on top of a white desk. On top of the iPad there is an iPad mini. On the right side of the image there are black wireless headphones from Sony. Beside the headphones there is a black mouse pad with a white Apple track pad on top. In the top part of the image there is a fake pink rose.

Moving to the middle of my desk. The large black mousepad is from Amazon. The black mouse on the right is logic tech. This is my favorite mouse! You can set different channels on it, meaning channel 1 is for my computer. If I click channel 2 I can use the mouse on my iPad. The white keyboard and trackpad are from Apple. I use the trackpad to edit videos and the graphic designs I create for my blog.

The bright pink ball is a squishy stress ball I found at Whole Foods. I tend to touch my face while I sit on my computer to edit, if I keep my hands busy with something it prevents me from touching my face.

In the middle of the white desk, there is a large black mousepad with the following items on top: a white trackpad, a white Apple keyboard, and a black mouse from logic tech. In the top part of the image there is a large display with a flower wallpaper.

Alright, let’s move to the right side of my desk. On the left side of the image, there is a black cable organizer, the block helps me keep the cables from falling. Having the cables on the back helps me charge all my devices quickly. The mini HomePod is a game changer when I want to put music in the office. You may find a playlist of my current favorite jazz or ambiance songs on my youtube channel.

The electric candle was a gift from my boyfriend, we recently went to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and bought the candle there as a memento from my 31st birthday. I sometimes switch it for my essential oil diffuser. It depends on how I am feeling that day. The coffee mug was a gift from a family member in Perú. I switch my mugs based on the seasons, I can’t wait to start using my Christmas mug!

From left to right, blakc home pod, pink electric candle, white coffee mug with dogs, and a flowery agenda.

If you follow my blog, you may know that I love digital planning! A couple of months ago my boyfriend gifted me a mini iPad which is the same size as my paper planner. The best part is that I can use my current Apple pencil. If you are new to the magical world of digital planning, check out this blog post.

I always create my digital planners in a horizontal version, as seen in the image below. Comparing it to my notebook, I’m definitely going to create a vertical version. Sometimes I need to create a list of items that I need to complete that day or week. I have been working on a couple of daily and weekly spreads for my planners.

On top of a white desk there is a pink rose. On the right side of the rose there is a black pen and a flowery notebook. On top of the notebook there is a mini iPad with the screen on.

If you in the fence between digital planning and paper planning, choose both! Sometimes I feel like using my iPad and sometimes I want to use my paper notebook. As long as you enjoy using them both go for it!

Moving to the top-right side of my desk, here I keep image-size references and pictures of my boyfriend and me. On the left side of my desk, you will notice a black rectangular object standing on a gray base. That’s my 14-inch MacBook pro. I prefer a small computer as I connect it to my LG monitor.

White office desk with a large curved display in the middle. On the desk there is a black mousepad with a white trackpad, white keyboard, and black mouse. On the left side of the image there is a black iPad pro and a macbook pro. On the right side of the desk there is a white coffee mug, a black HomePod, a pink electric candle, and a flowery notebook.

The monitor was a little expensive and it took a while to save for it. It was well worth the wait! It is curved therefore I can see everything I put on the left, middle, or right side of the screen. It connects to my Mac computer using a UBS-C cable and I also have an ethernet cable connected to my laptop. It helps when I need to download heavy files or upload heavy files.

Curved LG monitor in the middle of a white desk. On the left side of the desk there is half of a mackbook pro and a

Another amazing office desk decoration idea is a floating shelf. The one in the picture below is from IKEA. The screws go inside the wall and are hidden by the shelve. On top of it, I only keep items that I use often.

The microphone on the right side of the shelve is from Blue Yeti. I use it when I add voiceover to my videos. Next to the microphone, there is an essential oil diffuser which sometimes I use on my desk instead of my fake pink candle to add a nice scent to the room. The tissue paper is from Costco and the fake plant on the left side of the shelf is from IKEA. I wanted a hint of color and nature on that edge of the office.

There is a rectangular monitor in the bottom-left of the image. Above the monitor there is a long black curtain and a board with pictures. On the middle of the image there is a white floating shelf with a fake pink plant, tissue paper, a white oil diffuser, and a gray Yeti microphone. Above the floating shelf there is a diploma.

I hope my girly office desk decor ideas inspire you to spice up your favorite corner of the room. Let me know in the comment section what other videos or blog posts you would like to see. Let’s move to the filming station in my office!

My filming Station

My first desk, which was pictured at the beginning of the blog, was my best friend! I filmed my first couple of Youtube videos on it and spent sleepless nights learning science terms. When I started my blog I had a long wooden board. I would place the longboard on the top of the bookshelf. On one end I would stack a ton of books to keep it in place, on the other side, I placed my iPhone to record an overhead view of my bullet journal. I used that strategy for a couple of years.

office desk decoration ideas featuring a white desk with an iPad pro on top. Behind the desk there is a monitor on. Above the monitor there are 2 white rectangular lights that are on. In front of the desk there is a black chair. On the right side of the image there is a small black office fan.

Fast forward to a couple of fo years later, my boyfriend and I completed our college degree and finally moved into our very own apartment. We were, and still are, so happy and excited to have our own place. My boyfriend, who is so wonderful and supportive, surprised me with the lights and black overhead stand. In the overhead stand, there is a small camera connected to a monitor. This is where I film all my iPad videos and also take images for my blog posts.

Last but not least, my collection of stationery supplies! Nothing screams “girly office desk decor” more than colorful pens and stationery supplies. I go through these drawers once a year. I try to get rid of pens I no longer use and supplies that no longer serve me purpose. I have collected these pens over the years.

I actually go through these drawers in my office tour video, please watch it below and let me know in the comment section which is your ultimate favorite pen. That pen that never goes missing no matter where you go.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my girly office decor. I hope the ideas in this blog post inspire you to organize your desk or upgrade your current desk. My comment section is always open for questions or ideas, please feel free to reach out to me.

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