How to Create Planner Printables on the iPad Using Pages

How to Create Planner Printables on the iPad Using Pages

On this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to create planner printables on the iPad using Pages. My first blog post about how to create planner printables using Microsoft Word was a huge hit! Now that I’m off from school, I decided to play around with apps on my iPad to create awesome printables.

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Here is a video tutorial I created for this blog post to help you understand the steps better. Keep scrolling through the blog post to read the steps and to follow the tutorial with pictures.

1. Paper Pattern:

On this tutorial, I’m going to use this dotted paper as the background pattern. Make sure you save the paper in a folder, we are going to use it later.

2. Setting up the document:

Open Pages > create document >

click blank >

on the top right > click on the brush icon > click on document setup.

3. Resizing the Paper Layout:

To use the most of the paper, let’s stretch the page:

4. Inserting the Desired paper background/pattern:

Top right > “+” symbol >  insert from > find the paper you saved in step 1

5. Stech the background paper:

Use the yellow arrows to stretch the paper.

If you want to add a border, don’t stretch the paper all the way to the edge of the document, stretch it to the guidelines of the setup page.

To create a border:

select the background image (click on the image > select all)  > paint brush icon > style.

6. Here is how the background paper looks like with a border:

Now you can add as many images and/or texts as you want without worrying about moving the background paper.

7. Create a title:

Click on the document > write the title > paint brush icon > play around with the text settings until you like the way it looks.

8. Bullets and Fill in the blanks:

I like to create blank lines on my printables to write the name of my classes and the assignments I need to complete.

How to create fill in the blank lines:

Add bullet points:

Tip 1:

If you want to add a lot of bullet points, type a dot after the bullet point and click enter. After you have the number of bullet points you need, just delete the dots.







Tip 2:

Use the app SciKey to add as many symbols as you want (use them as cool bullet points). I love this app, you can customize the keyboard app to suit your needs.

9. Adding images:

These are the digital stickers (Flowers, Stars, and Autumn lettering) that I used on this printable. You can use google images as digital stickers, but I like these ones more as they look professional, clean, and I can still see the dots from my background image.

Adding images:

Click on the right top “+” symbol >

  • if you saved the images on your iPad select all photos.
  • If not, select “insert from” to find them in any of your folders.

Notice that when you add the image your layout is altered:

To fix the issue:

click on the image you inserted > use the blue dots to make the image smaller > top right, paint brush icon > select arrange > scroll down and click on “none”. Now you can place the image anywhere and your layout won’t be affected.

Now you can place the image anywhere and your layout won’t be affected.

Final layout of the printable:

10. Save it:

This is our final layout! To see the pictures and printable in high quality, export it as PDF:

Top right > click on the 3 dots > send copy as > PDF > choose an app or save it in a folder.

Click here to see this printable.

Thank you for stopping by, check out my art printables, and my digital planners & stickers. 

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