How to Create Your Own Bullet Journal Printables Using Microsoft Word

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I have seen a lot of bullet journal printables on Pinterest but is awesome when you can create your own layouts and designs. On this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to create elegant, simple, and beautiful bullet journal printables. All you need is Microsoft Word, a little bit of time, and a lot of creativity.

Let’s get started!

  1. Paper Pattern

The most popular paper pattern that people like to use are dots. This is the one I’m going to use for this tutorial. Save it on your desktop or in a folder.

Here is a list of websites that offer different paper patterns:

2. Microsoft Word

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word > on the toolbar > click layout > custom margins > click narrow.


Step 2: Let’s add the paper pattern

Click on design > watermark > select the pdf* paper that you saved > and change the scale.

*Note: If you are having trouble with the PDF file, convert it to JPG.

50 % = smaller or narrow dots. As you increase the scale, your dots will be farther apart. I set up mine to be 130%


Your paper is now part of the background. You won’t have to worry about it moving around. This is how the page should look like:


Step 3: Let’s create get creative!

Let’s add a beautiful title to the page. Write the title > shade it (select the whole title with your mouse) > look for a beautiful font and increase the size of the font.


The awesome thing about word is that it has a lot of fonts. This is great for those of us who are still practicing our calligraphy skills but want to have beautiful page layouts. This is how I decided to create mine:


You can do a quick google search to find more fonts. The one that you see in this tutorial is Lovers Quarrel. Here is another place where you can find more customized and elegant fonts.

How to create a banner:

You can create a banner, like the ones you see in many bullet journal pages.

Click insert > shapes > scroll to the bottom until you see the stars and banners > click the banner that you like > click on the page and drag your mouse, you will see the banner on your page.


This is how the draft banner should look like:
Let’s make it pretty!

Click on the banner > on the toolbar menu > shape fill > select no fill. This will make the color of your banner clear/transparent.


Select the color that you want for the outline of your banner. I choose black to keep the page simple and elegant.


This is how the banner should look like:


Now we are going to change the “fixed position” to be able to put and move the banner in any position and place.

Text wrap > behind text.

I like to put it behind the text to easily type on on top of it. To move the banner around, click on the outline and place it anywhere you want.


How to add a cute graphic/image:

If you want to move your image freely, like the banner. Do the same steps as before, this time, you can put the image in front.

Text wrap > in front text.

I find my clipart images here, they are high quality, elegant, and they look professional on all my printables. They have different prices and styles. Here is the link to the clipart images that I used in this tutorial.

Adding a text anywhere in the page:

insert > draw text box > text wrap > in front of text. Now you are able to put the text box anywhere!


Convert the Word document to PDF

If you are going to use your printable on your iPad, you should convert/save it as a PDF format.

word > file save as >


 file format: PDF




Final thoughts:

Just like with any program, you have to play around with Microsoft word and its options.  You can create anything in a word document, you just need a little bit of imagination.

I’m still learning to create layouts in Microsoft word, but I wanted to share this tutorial so we can all learn together. There is nothing more beautiful than sharing knowledge.

This is the weekly layout that I created in word:

Click here to see a full HD image of this printable.


How to Create Your Own Bullet Journal Printables on the iPad using Pages

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11 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own Bullet Journal Printables Using Microsoft Word

  1. Lisa @ The Merry Momma says:

    How neat!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am a big list maker, so I think I might try this! I can also see how I can apply some of your tips to creating other kinds of layouts, too. I find formatting in Microsoft Word extremely frustrating at times, so being able to follow what someone else has already figured out is great! 🙂
    (Side note: I have some of those dot pages in my paper planner, and I wondered what they were for! Now I know it’s for bullet journaling. So thanks for that! 😉 )
    – Lisa,

  2. Martha Cluff says:

    A question, have you tried using Microsoft Publisher? I have used Publisher for years and find it so much easier to work with when doing projects like this. Just wondering.

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