How to Place Ads on a Wordpress Blog with Quick Adsense

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On this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to use the Quick Adsense plugin to place ads on your Wordpress blog. I have seen a lot of bloggers asking for help with their ads. They either don’t know how to place the code or don’t know how to organize their ads.

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Please note that you cannot put external ads on your blog if you use, but if your blog is self-hosted for example with SiteGround (I highly recommend SiteGround. I have been with them for 3 years), then you can put any advertisement on your blog. Click here to learn more about the ad rules if you use

1.How do ads work?

When people visit your blog, companies hope that people engage (click) on the banners that you place on your blog. When people click and interact with the ads, you earn a small revenue. The more clicks on the ads, the more revenue for you.

I used 3 companies on my blog: Yahoo ads ( (I never made more than a dollar with this company, I do not recommend it. It’s good to get familiar with ads and the codes), Google AdSense (I love this company, I have made a decent amount of money with it), and Amazon Associates (This company was awesome until they changed the percent rate, now only bloggers who sell a lot or expensive products make a good amount of money).

It is really easy to get approved for Yahoo ads, you don’t need a large audience or a lot of blog posts. Media net is great for those bloggers who are just starting to monetize their blogs and want some experience with ads. I stopped using it when I was approved for Google Adsense.

I personally recommend Google Adsense and Amazon associates.

2. Create your ad

A. Make sure you block content that you do not want to be displayed on your blog. For example, I do not want weight loss, religion, attorney, and/or medicine related topics on my blog.

B. Create 4 or 5 ads/HTML codes

Quick Adsense allows you to add 10 ads. I have 6 codes from Google and 3 from Amazon.

Here is a short description of how to create the ads:

  • Yahoo: > at the top of the toolbar > click “create Ad Unit”

I suggest you customize the ads to blend with your website’s theme. For example, all my yahoo ads are pink with a white text.

Make sure to name the ads with names that you can easily refer to, just in case you need to modify them or erase them.

Here is how I named my yahoo ads:

how to add yahoo ads to a blog website

Modify the ad to make sure it blends nicely with your blog’s theme.

3. Quick Adsense

Once you have your HTML codes, go to Quick Adsense (in WordPresss: settings > Quick AdSense).

You have 2 options:

  • Ads on Post Body (ads that appear on your post)
  • Ads on Sidebar Widget (the ads that are on the right side of the blog)

4. Using the HTML code

Place each code on the “Ads on Post Body” box. Here is an example of how I have mine set up.

how to use quick adsense to place ads on blog

I recommend that you put 1 or 2 long ads on the sidebar. I have one from Yahoo and one from Google. Remember to make it look neat and organized. This is how I have my sidebar setup:

how to put ads on blog

5. Placing the ads on your blog post:

When I finish writing my article, I preview it and calculate where the in-text ads should go. I put the word “AD” where I’m going to put an ad. It is easier to see the word “AD” in the HTML format.

how to put ads on a blog

Now that you know where you want to put your Ads click “text” on the toolbar.

how to put ads on a blog1

Now you will see the HTML format of your blog post.

how to put ads on a blog2

In the HTML format, you will see several options in the toolbar. Search for your first “AD” word and click on the menu option that says “RndAds”. Replace all the words “AD” with the code from RndAds.

On your MAC you can click: (command + F), put the word AD. This is the easiest way to find the “AD” words 🙂

how to put ads on a blog3

I prefer putting the RndAds option to mix google and amazon banner ads.

how to put ads on a blog4

Repeat the same steps for all the other “AD” words that you put on your blog post. Click preview to see how your ads look.

Here is an example of how a yahoo ad looks:

how to put ads on a blog5

If you like the way it looks, leave it. If you don’t like the way it looks just edit the code or place it in another place.

You have to play with it to get comfortable with the process of putting ads on your text.

6.  Placing the code on your sidebar:

Once you have placed the code in the widget section of Quick Adsense, click save and go to appearance > customize > widgets > main sidebar > add a widget. (make sure you go to a page where you can see your sidebar menu.

How to add ads on a blog2

How to add ads on a blog

How to add ads on a blog1

You can move your sidebar ad up or down. Place it where people can see it and where it doesn’t look too crowded.

The best thing about using Quick AdSense as your advertisement tool is that you can edit the codes or delete them without having to go through all your posts. When I switched from Yahoo ads to Google ads, this plugin was the best option!

Do you have any questions or other tips I did not mention? Please leave them in the comment section.

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