How to Practice Bullet Journal Doodles on the iPad

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Hello, there!

On this blog post, I’m going to teach you how to practice bullet journal doodles on the iPad. For this tutorial, I’m going to use the app Noteshelf, the apple pencil, and the iPad pro. You don’t need a fancy stylus or the iPad pro to re-create this tutorial, all you need is your imagination.  🙂

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  1. Open the Noteshelf app:

  1. Click the “+” notebook symbol.

  1. Personalize your notebook. You can choose any type of paper you want, I prefer dot paper for my bullet journal.

  1. Select your notebook and let’s start drawing! 🙂

  1. If you change your mind about a paper pattern, you can change it by clicking the tool key at the top right. You can also personalize the settings of the app to fit your needs.

  1. Let’s create a new month page. Click on the pen tool > select shapes > select the size of the pen.

When you draw a shape the app automatically corrects it to the perfect geometric figure.

If the figure you draw it too big or too small: select the scissors option > select the drawing (you will see the dotted blue lines around the drawing you selected) > select scissors again >  transform.

Use the dots to resize the drawing. You can also rotate the figure 360° which is awesome if you want your drawing in a specific position.

7. I’m going to write February with a calligraphy pen.

Click on the pen option > unselect the shape option > choose a pen size > swipe the pens to the left to see the calligraphy pens. I’m going to choose the color black and size 4 pen.

If you want to customize the colors of the pens, select the palette option. The palette tool is underneath the black calligraphy pen.

I wrote the word February several times until I was happy with the way the word looked. This is the best part of practicing my doodles on the iPad. I can draw and redraw as many times as I want until I feel happy with the way the drawing looks without damaging the pages on my paper journal.

  1. Let’s start drawing! Select the pen option > swipe to the left until you see the color palette.

Select the pen option > swipe to the left until you see the color palette.

This is where the fun begins. I usually love decorating the circle of my month with leaves and roses.  I love how the pencils look almost, if not the same, to the way color pencils look on my paper bullet journal.

If you want to create a more detailed drawing, select the zoom in box tool in the top right.

  1. If you are happy with the way the page turned out you can print it and put it inside your bullet journal or you can save it to your favorite cloud storage apps to keep track of your drawing inspirations. 🙂

Select the page view option in the top right

Select the image or images you want to export > click the export tool at the bottom of the page > make sure to select the option in HD.

  • You can save the paper pattern you used or export the paper as blank (you won’t see the dot paper that we used just the drawing).
  • You have the option to export the title of the page
  • You can export the file as PDF or image. I suggest you save it as PDF to preserve the quality of the drawing.

Select where you want to export the file and you are done!

The main thing I love about this app is how the layout of the page mimics my paper journal.

I hope you found this tutorial interesting and helpful. Thank you for stopping by, check out my free bullet journal printables and popular posts!


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One thought on “How to Practice Bullet Journal Doodles on the iPad

  1. Samantha says:

    This is amazing! I use an LT1917 for my bujo, and I love it. But I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting an app for some digital bullet journaling, and I think you just sold me on this one! I won’t quit my book just yet, but I still want to explore all bujo options! 🙂 Thank you!

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