How to Resize and Print Printables in Microsoft Word

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How to resize a printables in Microsoft Word is one of the most frequent questions I get from my readers. On this tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to learn how to resize and print printables in Microsoft Word. This tutorial is for both Windows and Apple users.

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I created a similar tutorial to learn how to print stickers in Microsoft Word. Here is the video tutorial I made that might help you follow the steps in this tutorial.

How to Print Printables in Microsoft Word

1. Open Microsoft Word, in the toolbar select layout > margins > narrow.

How to Print Stickers and Printables in Microsoft Word

2. Save this grid paper, we are going to use it in the next steps. In the toolbar select the design tab > watermark > select the grid paper that you saved >

How to Print Stickers and Printables in Microsoft Word

> print the grid paper page. Make sure to set the scale to auto and to unselect the washout option.

How to Print Stickers in Microsoft Word

Now print the grid paper as we are going to use it to measure the pages of the planner.


3. Use the grid paper to count how many big squares does your printable need to measure, refer to the picture below. The pink lines are the edges and the crease of my planner. From the edge to the crease of the planner there are 6 big squares. From the top of the planner to the bottom, there are 9 big squares. In Microsoft Word, I need to resize my printable 6 X 9 for the printable to fit the pages of my planner.

How to Print Stickers and Printables in Microsoft Word

4. For this tutorial, I’m using this quotes tracker printable and the Dotted Journal. Save the printable to your computer, now drag and drop it into Microsoft Word.

How to Print Stickers and Printables in Microsoft Word

5. On this step, I’m using the measurements that I took in step 3 (6 big squares horizontal and 9 squares vertical). Use those measurements to resize the printable to fit the number of squares that you counted on your planner.

Note: If you are having trouble moving the printable around the page, right click on the printable > select wrap text > select in front of text. Now you can move your printable freely around the page. 

How to Print Stickers and Printables in Microsoft Word

That’s it! This is the best way to make sure that any printable will fit your planner.

How to Print Stickers and Printables in Microsoft Word

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and interesting. If you have any questions or comments leave them in the comment section 🙂

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