Tutorial: How to Resize Printables and Documents

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How to resize a printable is one of the most frequent questions I get. Here is a quick and easy tutorial to show you how to print a file in a different size on an apple computer and on a windows computer.

Apple Computer:

1. Open the PDF you want to print > click print or (command + p):

2. The easiest way to resize a file is to scale its size:

Windows Computer:

Open a printable > click print or (control + p)

Custom scale > you can scale your printable to be really small or a medium size depending on your planner preference.

Another resize option to resize a printable in windows is to choose a specific paper size.

Click on page setup at the bottom of the print screen.

select the paper size that you want for your printable and click print!

There you go! Those are the easiest ways to print any printable or document in any size. I hope you found this tutorial helpful! 🙂

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