January Hand Lettering Practice Sheets – January Hand Lettering Worksheets

Ready to practice your hand lettering skills with these January hand lettering practice sheets and worksheets? These worksheets are perfect for print or to use on the iPad

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Grab your favorite brush pens and start practicing your hand lettering game today! These January hand lettering practice sheets and worksheets are perfect to use on your iPad in the procreate app. You may also print them and use any brush pens that you have at home.

In the first part of the blog post, I explain what brush pens I recommend for the practice sheets. In the second part of the blog post, I share my favorite brushes to use in the Procreate app. To download the printables, scroll down in the blog post and click the link underneath the preview images.

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January Hand Lettering Practice Sheets – PDF:

For these worksheets below I recommend the Tombow dual brush pens. Use the thick side of the brush to trace over the bold letters. Flip the pen over and use the thin side to trace over the thin words.

Start from the top-left of the printable (if you are left-handed, start from the top-right). Put pressure on the brush pen to create thick strokes and less pressure on the brush to create thin strokes. You may resize this printable to fit your planner by following the steps in this tutorial. To use the practice sheet as a title on your planner, check out this tutorial.

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January Hand Lettering Practice Sheets and Worksheets
Click here to download this practice sheet.

January Hand Lettering Worksheets – Procreate:

Practicing hand lettering on the iPad is easy! Save the worksheet on your iPad and import it into the Procreate app. If you need help with Procreate, check out this tutorial.

My favorite brush for iPad lettering is the Vinyl lettering brush for Procreate. Other awesome places to find brushes for the Procreate app are the Creative Market and Design Bundles. If you are looking for free brushes, try the brushes from iPad Lettering and Missy Meyer.

Similar Apps to Procreate:

  • MediBang Paint (available for Android and Apple devices)
  • Sketchable (available for Windows and Apple devices)
  • Concepts (available for Windows and Apple devices)

Note: the worksheets are in a ZIP file. Save the ZIP file on the files folder of your iPad, click on the zip icon to unlock its content. Check out this tutorial to learn how to use the worksheets and brushes in the Procreate app.

iPad pro with January hand lettering practice sheets and worksheets
Click here to download this practice worksheet.

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