25 + Beautiful May Bullet Journal Theme Ideas!

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Looking for the perfect May bullet journal cover page or theme ideas? I got you covered! Today you’ll discover more than 25 creative and inspiring May bullet journal ideas to help you create the perfect spread in your bullet journal. From floral designs to geometric patterns, you’ll find plenty of options to suit your style and preferences.

Welcome to the month of May! This blog post is a mixture of cover pages, weekly spreads, and theme ideas. It’s the perfect time to refresh your bullet journal and add some excitement to those weekly and monthly spreads. Whether you’re a seasoned bullet journaler or just starting out, a new may cover page can inspire you to take on new goals and challenges.

In this blog post, you’ll discover a diverse range of cover pages, weekly spreads, and theme ideas. Rather than sticking to the typical blog post format, I’ve scoured Instagram to curate a collection of the most stunning, functional, and inspiring spreads to give you a variety of options!

The blog post is not organized in a specific order, please feel free to scroll down. If there is a May bullet journal spread that you love, save it to your collection by clicking the bookmark at the bottom right of each image.

25 + Beautiful May Bullet Journal Theme Ideas!

The charm of bullet journaling lies in the freedom to experiment with a fresh theme on a monthly basis, or even midway through the month (I am guilty of doing this quite often!). My primary concern when searching for bullet journal themes is the appearance of the monthly calendar. I aim to recreate the layout in a way that will help me achieve my goal.

Additionally, I contemplate whether I require a mood tracker, habit tracker, or spending tracker, or if these spreads are simply for entertainment. At times, we become engrossed in creating aesthetically pleasing spreads and overlook the need for pages that are practical or essential. I trust that this compilation will be beneficial to you. ♡


The goal of these May bullet journal themes is to inspire you to create layouts with your personal style! Among my top picks is the spread crafted by leftyartlover. I admire the creativity and unique design.

The style she created here is called a Dutch door. The idea is to cut a portion of the paper to create a hanging door that allows you to see the design behind it. Looking for more Dutch door ideas? Check out this blog post!

Leftyartlover’s May birthday theme spread tutorial is simply amazing! It’s a delight to scroll through Instagram and watch her reveal the little details behind her creation. As a designer, I find her creativity truly inspiring and it motivates me to strive for more elaborate spreads.

Grab those watercolor markers (I personally love Tombow) and let’s create the most amazing bullet journal cover page! Use planningwithkay’s spread as a guide. On her youtube channel, she has over 157 long and short videos explaining the inspiration behind her spreads and how she creates each one of them.

What better way to welcome May than with a beautiful floral cover page? Whether you prefer watercolor or pen and ink, there are endless possibilities for creating a stunning journaling page with blooming flowers 💐

One of the most popular May cover page designs is to incorporate spring flowers and colors. You can draw or paint flowers, leaves, and branches and add vibrant colors like pink, yellow, and green. Another idea is to use a watercolor technique to create a dreamy, ethereal effect.


Nothing screams a spring layout more than butterflies and flowers! I know, very cliche but there is something calming and beautiful about bright colors on a blank page.

Around 2018 I started to fall in love with the world of digital planning. Here is a throwback to one of the spreads I created in my planner. If you are new to digital planning, check out his blog post!


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Get those brush pens out and start doodling whatever comes to your mind! Start tracing lines followed by leaves and dots of color. Use a gel pen to trace over the dots to create shadows and emphasis over the doodles. Next thing you know, you will have a beautiful monthly theme that required minimal effort.

Bring the outdoors in with a nature-inspired May bujo cover page. Whether you choose to focus on plants, animals, or natural landscapes, there are countless ways to incorporate the beauty of nature into your setup.


I think everyone keeps a folder or box full of stickers. Creating a collage with all the extra stickers you have is a perfect way to create a simple and sophisticated May bujo cover page.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try a mixed-media approach. You can combine different materials like washi tape, stickers, and cutouts to create a unique and eclectic May theme!

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your monthly spread with vintage-inspired elements such as old photographs, antique keys, and cassettes. Incorporate your passion with musical notes, instruments, and quotes!

If you’re looking for a more minimalist approach, you can use simple lines, doodles, and shapes to create a clean and modern look. You can also experiment with different fonts and typography to add some personality to your cover page. I have a blog post that explains how to use a pocket printer to print fonts and images!

You can never go wrong with moon and Star Wars themes! These are some of my favorite space and galaxy cover pages.


No matter what your style is, these May bullet journal cover page ideas are sure to spark your creativity and make your journal stand out. So grab your notebook and pens, and let’s get started on creating a beautiful and inspiring cover page for the month of May!

My comment section is always open, let me know what other bullet journal spreads or blog posts you would like to see for the month of June. ♡

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