May Digital Planner Layout & Setup


May Digital Planner Digital Bullet Journal Setup Layout Spread

On today’s blog post I’m sharing my May digital planner layout and setup using the GoodNotes app. The theme for my May digital bullet journal layout is a combination of pink and purple colors.

The goal with my digital planner is to be more organized and efficient throughout the month. I love that I can synchronize everything I do on iPad with my iPhone’s GoodNotes app.

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May Digital Planner Layout – Video:

On this video, I talk a little bit about my planning process and how I chose to decorate some of the pages of the planner.

Digital Planner Index:

The index of my planner is simple. On the cover of the planner, I added a picture of my dog Rocky and drew purple washi tapes in the corners of the image to give it a more realistic look.

On the right page, I have all the numbers in the index hyperlinked throughout the planner. Whenever I click on a number in the index, the number takes me to a specific page instead of having to scroll through the planner to find the page I need.

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May Digital Planner Layout Setup in the GoodNotes app

My May digital planner setup starts on page 38 and ends on page 45. I only draw layouts that I know I’m going to use. I want my planner to help me be more organized and productive with my time while giving me the freedom to decorate it any way I want.

May Digital Planner Layout Setup in the GoodNotes app

May Cover Page:

The cover page in my planner sets the mood for the whole month. On the left page, I drew the calendar of the month with a pretty purple banner. On the right page, I keep track of everything I need to do during the week. I am more productive when I break the month’s tasks into weeks.

May Digital Planner Layout Setup in the GoodNotes app

I’m traveling to Colombia soon and I was extremely excited to add this travel tracker printable to my planner. To add some color to the spread, I drew pink washi tapes with dots on the corners of the pages.

May Digital Planner Layout Setup in the GoodNotes app

May Calendar & Future Log:

I wanted these two pages to be colorful and girly. I love the way the banner looks behind the word of May. On the calendar, I’m going to highlight the important events and write them down on the page of right.

The quote at the bottom of the calendar says:

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou

May Digital Planner Layout Setup in the GoodNotes app

Expenses Tracker:

This is a new layout that I added to my digital planner. I love the simplicity of the two pages. To keep the spread simple, I colored the borders of the tracker templates with a purple color and added blue flowers to one side of the tracker.  You can find all the stickers I used on my digital planner setup here.

May Digital Planner Layout Setup in the GoodNotes app

I hope you found my May digital planner layouts interesting, check out my digital planner tutorials and other planner setups.

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