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Thank you for your interest in working with Life is Messy and Brilliant. My readers are passionate about bullet journaling, hand lettering, digital planning, and stationery supplies.

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“I took a couple of your gift recommendations from your YouTube channel and got a set of “Varsity Fountain Pens” and a “PoooliPrint Printer“ and a “PoooliPrint Printer XL”! These are amazing products and I can’t wait to design with them! Thank you SO much for recommending these! “


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  • One (1) elaborate blog post with high-quality images (price increases for blog posts with video)
  • Shared across my social media channels: Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and email list.
  • SEO-optimized blog post (One of my sponsored blog posts reached spot #2 in Google search results)

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An image speaks a thousand words! Share your favorite product with my readers, let my images and videos do all the talking. I will put together an elegant image or video to promote your product!

The Ad(s) will be shared across my social media: Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and email list.

media kit for Life is Messy and Brilliant displaying 12 images from instagram

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Little Coffee Fox to promote her VIP vault and watercolor giveaway. I shared the ad banners on my blog header, email list, and social media accounts.

Jenniffer blogger for Life is Messy and Brilliant

Meet Jenniffer

Hi! I'm Jenniffer the creative blogger and digital artist for Life is Messy and Brilliant. I graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.A in Biomedical Sciences and work as a medical scribe in my hometown. I speak English and Spanish.

I am dedicated to helping your brand reach a new level of success. As the mastermind and soul behind Life is Messy and Brilliant, I can provide you with the creative vision to make sure your brand stands out. Let's work together and take your brand to the next level! ♡

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Let brands speak for me

"Working with Jenniffer has been wonderful. Of all my affiliates, she's driven the second greatest number of unique visitors to my site with a 4.8% conversion rate. We've worked together for the past three years and her reviews include original photography showing how she uses the Ultimate Student Planner. This means that she takes the time to fill in her planner carefully and creatively to ensure that her images are eye-catching and helpful to her audience. Additionally, her comments are insightful and helpful to her readers to help ascertain what product is best for them."
- Lesley Martin classtracker.com
Founder, ClassTracker
"Jenniffer is a super dedicated creator I’ve followed since 2016. She is always creating new resources for her loyal followers and is the digital planning queen! I have worked with her on several creative collaborations and she recently contributed an intro to digital planning video for my online journaling course Journal You, and I couldn’t have asked for a better submission! She’s an awesome teacher and definitely knows her stuff. I’m always looking forward to seeing what she’ll create next, and I hope to work with her again in the near future!"
- Whitney Baker lifebywhitney.com
CompCreator, Journal Youany Name
"I really enjoyed working and collaborating with Jenniffer. She is the perfect blend of creative and professional. My website continued to see great traffic from her content for months after publishing. Such a blessing!"
- Polly Payne horacioprinting.com
Founder and CEO, Horacio Printing LLC
"It was such a great experience working with Jenniffer, we liked her blog at first glance and knew this would be a good collaboration. She really surprised us by exceeding our expectations in terms of content she created using our Poooli Printer. We hope to get to work with her again and really appreciate her professionalism. Thanks Jenniffer!"
- Julia from the PoooliPrint™ Team
"I have had a good experience working with Jenniffer. She is professional, thoughtful and very insightful. I really liked the work she did with my Notebook Journal, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting a job properly done."
- Fatoumata from Fatoumata kagnassy