Media Kit | Social Media Ads

An image and video speak a thousand words! How about sharing your brand with my readers to get them excited about your new products?

I create a mixture of hand lettering, digital planning, and bullet journaling. My BEST performing posts are short videos that teach my readers how to use the products I use. 

I currently offer:

  • Square Ad (2048px x 2048px) and Rectangular Ad (2048px x 1536px) 
  • I will create a beautiful image or short video using your products!
  • The Ad(s) will be shared across my social media: Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and email list.
Your Ad Here - Rectangular
Rectangular Ad (2048px by 1536px)
Your Ad here - Square
Square Ad (2048px by 2048px)

Ready to work together? Let’s connect! 

I can also post your own banner images! Send me an email and we’ll discuss the details ♡

Media Kit | Sponsored Blog Posts