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Hello there!

I have been working on my digital bullet journal since last year. Over time I realized that I became more dependant on my iPad and phone to track my school assignments and personal things.

On this blog post, I will share with you: my digital bullet journal layout and setup. I hope you find it interesting and inspirational to create your own.

The printables that you see in my bullet journal were created by me and I will link them in the images for your convenience.

Are you looking for a digital planner? Check out my digital bullet journal planner with hyperlinks.

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My Digital Bullet Journal:

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The first page has the title of my journal and my name. I wanted to keep the first page simple and elegant.

About me:

The second page has an inspirational quote on the left and details about me on the right. I loved the way this two pages looked in my paper journal. I wanted to recreate them digitally to keep the beauty of my original bullet journal.

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To draw on my digital bullet journal I use: the iPad pro, apple pencil, and the Notability app. I know other people prefer to use apps Goodnotes and/or PDF expert.

Any app that you use is perfect for a digital planner. All three apps sync with the iPhone and iPad. You don’t need the apple pencil to draw, but it makes drawing and note taking on the iPad faster and smoother. If you are deciding between buying it or not, buy it! It is worth the money (it only works with the iPad pro).


The index took me a while to figure out. I wasn’t sure about the order of the pages. I knew I wanted every link to be clickable (with a hyperlink).

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For the key section, I wanted to mix both my school color coded classes and the regular key section.

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To keep track of my upcoming assignments, I created a calendar overview tracker. On the left, I have the calendar and on the right my color coded classes.

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This calendar is for the whole spring semester (January – May). I can see all the things I need to finish and how many days I have left to complete them. What I love about having this calendar digitally is that I can move the assignments around. If my teacher decided to add a quiz, I can move the assignments down a line and add the new quiz.

Weekly To Dos:

After my calendar, I have my weekly to do page. I can easily check on the calendar and write down the assignments that I need to complete during that specific week.

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School Schedule:

This school schedule tracker has been so helpful for me. I am extremely organized and I like to have everything in one place, especially when it comes to school information.

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Teacher’s Information:

When I’m in school and I need to quickly go to my teacher’s office, I can glance at this page and know if my teacher is available soon and email him/her, instead of looking for the information on the syllabus. This page saved me a lot of time last semester.

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My school bullet journal ends on this printable. The other half of my bullet journal is more personal.

Monthly Payments:

I created this monthly payments printables a while ago. I like the simplicity and straightforward idea of it.

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Birthday Tracker:

This birthday tracker is my favorite. I love the cute drawings and how happy it makes me feel when I see it.

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Quotes Tracker:

This quote printable is so inspirational and heart-lifting to me. Every week I try to write a quote depending on how I’m feeling. At the end of the year is nice to read them and reflect back on every month.

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I like to write every quote in a different color. It gives the page a beautiful touch.

Currently Reading:

This reading printable was the first one I created for my blog. I love the small details the drawings have and the high heels. I don’t have time to read books, but I listen to them. This year I want to listen to 25 books!

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Currently Watching:

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Vision Board:

During December I wanted to reflect on all the amazing things that I accomplished during 2016. I also wanted to set new goals and get rid of some bad ones. This vision board printable helps to see how much I have grown mentally and emotionally.

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I wanted to make a board where I can paste pictures and write on them. If you can see it, you can achieve it!

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Do you want to try digital bullet journaling? Click here to get a blank version of my bullet journal planner with hyper links.


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18 thoughts on “My Digital Bullet Journal

    • Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant says:

      Hi, Wendy!
      You can definitely create a digital bullet journal on your Samsung Tablet. I know OneNote is very popular on that tablet, but I don’t think you have the freedom to draw on a printable. My best advice is to go to your app store and search for drawing applications. Try different apps and see which one fits your needs.

      Let me know if it works! 🙂

      Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant® ♡

  1. Ted says:

    Hi Jenniffer. 🙂

    I just placed an order for an iPad Pro. I may get an Apple Pencil.

    My questions for you (if you have time to answer, please) 🙂
    1. Is it difficult to write with the pencil? I have always found my writing to look clunky and fat and huge. Do you find it fairly easy to write neatly and small?
    2. How do you import your printable into the iPad and then write on them?
    3. Do you create a “folder” as your journal? Or is it ONE file and then you just add pages to the file?

    Sorry if these are silly questions. Thanks for your patience! 🙂

    • Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant says:

      Hi, Ted!

      Congratulations on your iPad purchase, it is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. ^^,

      1. At the beginning, it feels a little bit weird to write on the screen, but you get used to it. Remember that the apple pencil and the iPad’s screen are pressure sensitive. If you write with a lot of pressure your handwriting is going to look thick and messy. The awesome part about writing on the screen is that you can select your handwriting and make it bigger or smaller. The way your write on a regular paper is the same way you are going to write on the screen, practice your handwriting if you want it to look neat 🙂

      2. I save all my printables on Dropbox (I name all my folders to find everything easily), open the app on my iPad and select import. You can also use iCloud and/or Google drive. Depending on the app you use, the importing of the pdf might vary. Here is how I import my pdfs to Notability:

      3. You can create a whole pdf file or you can create separate pdf files in the app you choose as a bullet journal. Here is a preview of my journal:
      The one at the very bottom is the whole PDF file (about 17 pages) and I also have some of the pages as single PDFs.
      I personally use the app Notability, but I know some other people use GoodNotes. Play around with a lot of apps to get full advantage of the note-taking and drawing ability.

      Let me know if you have any more question! I’ll be more than happy to answer them 🙂

      Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant® ♡

  2. Delightfully Me says:

    I absolutely LOVE this idea! I was just thinking about starting a digital bullet journal for my blog, but I didn’t know if it would be too difficult. You make it look so easy! I know you were using an ipad, but do you have any website suggestions for laptops?

  3. Cameron says:

    This is so cool! This is the first digital bullet journal post I’ve read, and I love it! I personally prefer my pen and paper, but this is great if you prefer to do everything on your computer/tablet.


  4. Anne says:

    I love this! Your bullet journal looks amazing! I started a paper bullet journal at the beginning of the year, but I have been having trouble using it because I often forget to bring it to class with me. A digital bullet journal would probably work better for me. Could I make one on my phone? I know the smaller screen size is not ideal but I do not own a tablet.

    • Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant says:

      Hi Anne,
      I have mine synchronized with my iPhone and iPad. You can totally have your bullet journal on your phone. I suggest you go to your phone’s app store and check out all the digital apps they have for notetaking. Try several apps to see which ones you like more 🙂

      Let me know how it turns out!

      – Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant

  5. Bonnie Brashear says:

    Hi! I’ve had an iPad Pro for a while and I’ve been constantly looking for ways to use it to organize my life, and I think this might work! I have one question though…what do you mean when you said you made your index clickable with hyperlinks and how did you do it?

    • Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant says:

      When I import/add my bullet journal to an app on my iPad, I can just click on the numbers on my index page and it will take me to that page (instead of scrolling down to find that page). I create the hyperlinks in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

      I hope that answers you question 🙂

      – Jenniffer | Life is Messy and Brilliant

  6. lv.gurl says:

    Hello! I am really LOVING your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing! What program are you using on the iPad for your digital bullet journal?

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