February Digital Bullet Journal Layout

February digital bullet journal, February digital plannerMy February digital bullet journal & digital planner layout is a combination of a minimalist layout with pink and red colors. I’m using the GoodNotes 5 app which amazing, as I can add fonts to the planner, rotate my handwriting, and copy and paste things from my computer into the digital planner. Keep reading to learn more!

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My February Digital Bullet Journal Layout:

I’m in love with the index of my planner. This year I decided to type in the index instead of handwriting everything. My first February digital planner layout was very simple compared to the layout I created on this blog post. During 2018 I was still learning how to decorate and use my planner to be productive throughout the year.

This is the digital planner that I’m using on this layout. Zoom in to see all the little details on my planner.

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

February Cover Page:

For the cover page, I wanted the word “February” to be in the middle of the page and butterflies to fly around the word of February. On the left page, I drew two envelopes for my goals. The envelope on the top says “5 things I accomplished in January” and the bottom envelope says “5 goals for February”.

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

This is the first time I used the new GoodNotes 5 to plan digitally. On my iPad, I installed the fonts that I used for the word February and for the words in the envelopes. In the previous GoodNotes app using fonts was not an option, but in GoodNotes 5 the option is available and it saves me time from creating extra stickers or using a separate app to add fonts.

If you are new to digital planning, here is a tutorial to learn how to decorate a digital planner.

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

February Weekly Spread:

I created a similar weekly spread layout for the month of January and it was extremely helpful. I decided to create a similar layout for February. Every day I write down 3 main things that I need to accomplish on that day. At the bottom of the 3 main goals, I write down quick errands I need to do or things that I need finish through the day.

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

Something that the previous GoodNotes app was missing, was the option to rotate my handwriting. Rotating my drawings and handwriting was something that I loved in the Notability app, but it was a feature that the GoodNotes app was missing.

In GoodNotes 5, the developers finally added the option to rotate handwritings, text boxes, and images. The butterflies that I drew on my cover page and the butterflies that you see in the image below were hand-drawn. I drew one butterfly, copied and pasted it, changed the color and the orientation where I wanted the butterflies to fly to.

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

One Word a Day:

I saw this idea on Instagram and I wanted to try it. Every day I’m going to choose a word and try to use fonts or my own handwriting to fill in the rectangles. The goal is to fill in each rectangle with a word that looks different, either cursive, uppercase, or a mixture of fonts.

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

February Mood Tracker and Valentine’s Day Printable:

You can fill in each word in the February mood tracker in the GoodNotes app using a brush pen that is similar to the ones you use in the Procreate app.

The printable on the right is to write inside each box things that you love about a significant other, but I’m thinking about writing on each box things that I love about myself. The goal is to write down one thing that I love about myself. By day the end of February I will have a good list of things to look back whenever I start doubting myself during the year.

February digital bullet journal, February digital planner

I hope my February digital bullet journal layout inspired you to add new things to your planner and to learn something new about digital planning. In my Facebook group, I share tutorials and people from all over the world share their planner layouts and ask questions about digital planning.

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