FREE One Line a Day – Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Use this One Line a Day printable on your bullet journal to write down memories or ideas.

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Keep track of memorable moments or goals with this One Line a Day bullet journal printable. Set aside a moment of the day to write down a thought that keeps running around on your head.

To download the printable, scroll down in the blog post and click the link underneath the preview image.

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One Line a Day Bullet Journal Printable:

The monthly spread comes with 31 lines to write down a thought or memory. I also included a powerful quote that reminds me not to let fear control me. I’m often scared of failure or scare of a future I can’t predict. The quote reminds me to be bold and go for my dreams.

To be honest, I started my blog after I failed a science class in college. I felt like a complete failure and failure was one of my biggest fears. I was sad for a couple of weeks until I decided to do something valuable with my “feelings of failure”. I opened my computer and started designing printables full of color to cheer me up. I probably would have not started my blog back in 2017 if my fear for failure hadn’t happened. It made me realize that it’s ok to fail and be sad about it, but there is a moment when you need to pick yourself up and keep going because there are bigger dreams waiting for you. I thought of that moment when I was creating this printable.

Going back to the blog post, you may follow the instructions on this tutorial to resize the printable to fit any page on your planner. I also have step-by-step instructions here if you prefer to use this printable on your digital planner.

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Click here to download this monthly spread.

Thank you for stopping by! My comment section is always open if you have suggestions or prefer the lines of the printable in a different color. Check out my collection of FREE Bullet Journal Printables and digital planners & stickers.♡

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