How to Make a Pop-Up 3D Letter on the Bullet Journal

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On this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to make a pop-up 3D letter on your bullet journal. Keep in mind that on this tutorial I’m using the large Moleskine notebook. It is easier for me to create layouts and projects on my bullet journal when the pages are wide and long.

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    1. We need 1 piece of craft paper, scissors, flag notes regular tape, and washi tape.

  1. Start folding the paper in half along the vertical side.

Fold it in half one more time, make sure the folds are even since we are going to be taping two of the paper strips.


  1. Now cut the paper along the lines you made.

  1. We are going to to use washi tape to join 2 strips of paper.

Make sure the washi tape is long, we are going to fold the ends along the back of the paper to make the front look clean.

the back of the paper:

  1. Now, we are going to start folding the craft paper in half.

Fold it one more time, until all your squares are the same size.

Repeat the same steps to the other side of the paper:

  1. Put tape on the back of the folded papers.

You can start drawing on the folded squares before we taping it to the bullet journal or you can draw on them after.

  1. Alig the letter along with the middle line of the journal. Now it looks as if the letter was part of the bullet journal 🙂

I decorated my letter and the pages after I taped it on the journal.

  1. You may leave the ends of the letter the way they are or you can put flag notes are the end of them to pull the letter out easily.

Fold the last square in half and put a small strip of washi tape on the flag note.

  1. To close the notebook, fold all the square towards the middle and neatly stack them together.

Gently close the notebook and that’s it! Over time the folds of the letter are going to become more flat. Opening and closing the notebook should not be a problem.

Pop-Up 3D Letter:

I hope you found this tutorial interesting and fun. Thank you for stopping by, check out my bullet journal printables and popular post!


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