FREE September Hand Lettering Practice Worksheets

Master the Art of Hand Lettering with these September hand lettering practice sheets and Procreate Worksheets! Whether you’re an iPad Procreate enthusiast or prefer the traditional charm of brush pens on paper.

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Hand lettering is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing words; it’s a skill that enhances your creativity and attention to detail. Regular practice improves your understanding of letterforms, spacing, and composition, which are invaluable skills for artists, designers, and anyone looking to add a personal touch to their projects.

Check out my collection of FREE Hand Lettering Practice Sheets!

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September Hand Lettering – PDF for print:

For those who find peace in the tactile experience of lettering on paper, I’ve created printable versions of the practice sheets. Simply print them out, pick your favorite brush pens, and let your creativity flow onto the pages. The joy of seeing your handcrafted letters come to life is an experience like no other. Start at the top-left, put pressure on the brush to create thin strokes and less pressure on the brush to create thin strokes. I love using the website to learn which colors blend well together.

You can use this worksheet as a bullet journal header, follow the instructions on this tutorial. You can easily resize this printable by following the instructions on this blog post.

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September hand lettering worksheets on top of a desk mockup. There are yellow flowers on the right-top corner with red stripes.
You may find this September practice sheet here.

September Hand Lettering – for iPad Lettering:

If you’re an iPad Procreate user, you’re in for a treat! These Procreate worksheets were meticulously crafted to make the most of your digital canvas. You’ll have access to a range of beautifully designed lettering exercises and prompts that will challenge and refine your digital hand lettering skills. For my beginners, check out this tutorial, it explains how to add the printable to the Procreate app and how to trace over the letters.

My favorite brush to use for iPad lettering is the Vinyl brush by Alexis Gentry. The brush is easy to use, all you have to do I change the size of the brush to match the size of the script letters. Other awesome places to find brushes for the Procreate are the Creative Market and Design Bundles. If you are looking for free brushes, try the brushes from Missy Meyer.

Hand lettering worksheet on top of an iPad pro mockup. In teh top-right of the page there are yellow flowers with red lines.
You may find this September practice sheet here.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and inspiration throughout the month. My comment section is always open for suggestions and tips. Let me know what other practice sheets you would like to see.

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