Why Going to College is Life Changing

Why going to college is life changing

Why Going to College is Life Changing

When I finished high school, back in 2011, I knew I wanted to go to college (a) I had nothing else to do and (b) I wanted to grow as a person.

After my high school graduation, I went to a community college to save money and because I mentally did not feel ready for a university (when I look back and rethink my decision, I am proud that I went with my instincts and went to a community college). College is one of the most rewarding moments of someone’s life. You learn to communicate with people that have different points of view about certain topics, you learn to stand up for yourself, and you build confidence.

Going to College:

When I was in college I had to learn to communicate with my professors, especially the picky and mean ones (the ones that take forever to reply back to an email or don’t reply back at all). I went to their office hours and tried my best to communicate my thoughts regarding the class or my exam score (I was extremely shy back then and I was afraid that I was going to say something wrong). Over time, I learned to be more confident in front of my professors (by the second week of class, they knew my name by heart lol).

College taught me that I should not be scared to ask. The more I ask, the more I will get in return. When I took classes that were out of my comfort zone I learned more. I learned that I should not have expectations. When I studied for a test, I either knew the answers or I didn’t. The same goes with life, I either try my best and don’t expect to fail, just go with it.

Now that I am in a four-year university, classes are harder but they are rewarding. I have joined several clubs that share my view about certain topics. I’m a junior now and I love the career that I’m studying (Biomedical Sciences). I might or might not get into medical school, but I’m doing everything that is in my power to enjoy what I’m doing now. I’m not expecting to fail, nor am I expecting to win at everything. I’m just enjoying the ride!

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  1. I meet my fiance in college too! I was lucky to have several scholarships pay my community college tuition. Now I rely on pell grants and scholarships to cover my 4-year university tuition. Even though is expensive is worth the money and time.
    I wish you the best in any projects you have in mind!

  2. I started with an out-of-state 4 year University. I met my girlfriend there and we’re still together so I really don’t have any regrets except one: It cost us a lot of money! Ugh!

    I moved back from Portland, Oregon to California and attended a community college for a while. Saved money! Then, I transferred to a 4-year university again and now trying to earn that degree. I think you made the right choice by going to a community college first. As a K-12 tutor, I advise students to go to a junior college first since it would save them a lot of money. Unless, they have been offered a scholarship, of course.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your med school decision! Trust your instinct!